Play Dead Rising 2 Right in Your Browser


Capcom has obviously made a deal with some supernatural forces because they are bringing the wild world of fortune City to a 30 minute demo YOU CAN PLAY RIGHT IN YOUR WEB BROWSER.  That’s right.  YOUR WEB BROWSER. 

The supernatural forces go by the name of “Gaikai” and it’s their new way of demoing games.  It has a few limitations to keep in mind:

  • Gaikai demo is limited to 30 minutes of play.
  • You cannot save your gameplay during this time.
  • You can skip in-game movies by pressing “ESC”.


That being said, Dead Rising 2 was a pretty great sequel that fixed the issues I had with the original (OTIS, shoddy A.I., annoying boss fights) and added a surprisingly deep combat system involving weapons you could piece together with items strewn about.  If you’ve never played the original Dead Rising 2 check out the demo and then go pick up Dead Rising 2 Off the Record which brings Frank back to cover things other than wars.