Plastic Lovin' Presents: The Millennium Freakin' Falcon from Lego!


Hello everyone! My name is Ari and I have a problem: I grew up in the 80’s and got to experience the greatest toy lines ever made. And then the 90’s hit. Then the 2000’s. Then the 10’s. And guess what? I still had an unhealthy obsession with action figures. So now I’m going to share it with you. Actually, I’m going to continue to share with you. This isn’t my first toy blog, but actually a continuation of my previous blog which you can read right here:

Party at the Falcon

So my first entry from an all too long hiatus isn’t really an action figure at all. It kinda includes action figures. Kinda. But it’s made out of a ton of plastic, so it totally qualifies for an entry here. It’s the Millennium Falcon from Lego. And it is AWESOME!

I can’t recall the last time I built a Lego set. I loved them as a kid. When I began reminiscing about them, my wife said something that shook me to my core; “I’ve never built a Lego set before.” Well spank a donkey and fuck a muffin, this had to be rectified IMMEDIATELY. Toys R’ Us must have felt bad for us, cause they decided to have a sale on their Lego sets. So while the wife bought a Hagrid’s hut from the Harry Potter line, I went nuts and bought the most epic Lego set I have ever owned.

This beast was a blast to build, but crikey, it took a while. Seven hours to be exact. Pretty much an entire Sunday for me. Luckily, Netflix added The Wonder Years to their instant queue, so it really was quite the awesome Sunday. (Side note: what the hell is up with the opening theme? Where the hell is Joe Cocker??? I’m sure they changed a ton of other music in the show, but that opening singer is a fucking nightmare.)

OK, let’s get back on track and take a look at all 1,254 pieces of this beauty. First off, what really sold me the Falcon was the characters you get: Han, Chewie, Luke, Leia, & Vader, pretty much the most important characters of the whole saga. The little figures are pretty awesome too; each has a blaster or lightsaber (or both) and several of them have multiple faces. So if happy Princess Leia ain’t doing it for you, then just take off the hair and spin the face around to “Serious business” Leia. You can even remove Vader’s helmet to find his cute little scarred face underneath.

 As for the Falcon itself, it’s a ton of plastic sweetness. The cockpit comes off to fit a couple of figures. Both top and bottom gun turrets can fully rotate, plus there is a section in the middle of the Falcon where you can plop Han & Luke into so they can man the guns. The satellite dish also fully rotates. The landing gear is permanently down, but I guess you could pop it off it you wanted to hang the ship from the celling or something (although you’d be a much braver person than me if you did that). I dig the blue tubing on the rear of the Falcon too.

As for the inside, there’s a landing platform that opens up, but is a little to small to actually use. There is a cool little floor panel that opens up to smuggle rebel scum from the glorious Empire. There’s a little Dejarik Holochess table for angering wookies. Need to train Luke in the ways of the force? Well there’s a section for that too! You can sit a couple of figures down at a control panel that is pretty neat looking. There’s also a bucket of tools for fixing broken hyperdives.















All in all, the set is just way too cool than I remember Lego’s being from my childhood. And it’s kinda like crack; the urge to buy another set is leaving me shaking in chill. But alas, lack of money + no space = no more Legos for a while. I’ve noticed Lego sets are priced by the piece counts; every 1000 pieces is 100 bucks. That’s to the Toys R Us sale, I was able to pick this sucker up for $109, which isn’t all that bad. Lego has so many different licenses right now that if Star Wars isn’t your thing, then Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Toy Story, and even Price of Persia (womp) may be right up your alley. They have some pretty cool original lines too, like the Atlantis sets or the Alien Conquest stuff. Older Lego sets can go for quite the high price too, as i found out by looking on ebay, so buy a set now, sell it in 20 years, and send your kids to college or something.

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